2018 6th District Chair candidates

Scott Sayre
Jennifer Brown

2018 6th District Republican Congressional candidates

Chaz Haywood
Ben Cline
Cynthia Dunbar
Elliot Pope
Kathryn Lewis
Ed Justo
Douglas D. Wright
Michael Desjadon

2018 announced US Senate Republican candidates
Corey Stewart
E. W. Jackson
Nick Freitas

Republican Elected Officials Serving Roanoke County in 2018
President and Vice-President of the United States of America
President Donald Trump :: Website :: Facebook :: Twitter
Vice-President Mike Pence :: Facebook :: Twitter

U.S. House of Representatives
Congressman Bob Goodlatte Sixth District :: Website :: Facebook :: Twitter
Congressman Morgan Griffith Ninth District :: Website :: Facebook :: Twitter

Senate of Virginia
Senator David Suetterlein District 19 :: Website  :: Facebook :: Twitter
Senator Steve Newman District 23 :: Website :: Facebook :: Twitter

House of Delegates
Delegate Greg Habeeb District 8 :: Website :: Facebook :: Twitter
Delegate Chris Head District 17 ::  Website :: Facebook :: Twitter

Roanoke County Constitutional Officers
Commonwealth Attorney Randy Leach
Sheriff Eric Orange :: Website :: Facebook
Treasurer Kevin Hutchins

Roanoke County Board of Supervisors
Supervisor Martha Hooker Catawba District  :: Website  :: Facebook
Supervisor George Assaid Cave Spring District
Supervisor Phil North Hollins District :: Facebook
Supervisor Jason Peters Vinton District :: Facebook
Supervisor Joe McNamara Windsor Hills District :: Facebook