George Assaid for Cave Spring Supervisor

“As your Cave Spring Supervisor, I will strive to stimulate economic development that will create jobs to increase the tax base and provide tax relief for County homeowners.”
– George Assaid
Republican for Cave Spring Supervisor

Meet George Assaid
• Married to Kim for 27 years
• Father to two daughters who attended Cave Spring schools
• Graduate of Cave Spring High School, Virginia Western, and Averett University
• Licensed Architect
• Committed Republican
• Advocate for Cave Spring schools

As your Cave Spring Supervisor, George Assaid will:
• Work to provide a strong business climate that will help create jobs to increase the tax base, providing tax relief for County homeowners;
• Be an advocate for Cave Spring schools while working closely with the School Board to ensure fiscal responsibility;
• Support proposals that will provide equitable tax policies for all businesses;
• Seek to strengthen relationships with neighboring counties and cities to better ensure public safety; and
• Serve honestly in a transparent manner that provides accountability to the taxpayers.